I have been asked by a number of people if I own guns or not. I am ex military, served in the Army during peace time. Got out just a few months before Desert Storm so it would make sense that I own firearms but that is not the case. I once owned several handguns and I learned the reality of gun ownership.

Myths about gun ownership

I own a gun so I can protect myself or others

This is a lie. A naked man was confronted by a cop in the middle of a busy street during rush hour. A scuffle ensued and the cop had his gun taken. The naked man now armed with the cops gun emptied the clip into the cops head. Nearby, 5 witnesses drew a gun and 5 armed witnesses stood there with their gun and watched as the man killed the cop.

These people should never have owned a gun. Do not buy a gun unless you are willing to take a human life. Unless you’ve been in combat, most people don’t have what it takes to kill another human being.

I have a right to own a gun

This is true, the constitution does afford you that right. HOWEVER, you have a responsibility to properly secure that weapon at ALL times. I had a gun sitting on the headboard of my bed while i was at work. A 12 year old I knew broke into my apartment, found the gun and shot my bed while trying to unload said gun.

I had 4 cops show up at my door at 4am because they had the wrong apartment for a domestic violence call. Did you see that part above about having a gun on the headboard of the bed?? SO GLAD my naked wife didn’t think about the gun as two male officers came into the room, pulled the covers off her to check her for signs of violence. It could have turned out so much worse than it did. Secure your weapon or get rid of it!

Ok, so now your weapon is secure. How are you going to defend yourself when two armed intruders come into your room at 4am? Probably good that you can’t get to the gun at this point, they would most likely shoot you long before you could get it.

2 years and 3 days. My first marriage lasted 2 years and 3 days. It ended in a split second. My wife (mentioned above) took one of my guns and she put it to her head and it took less than 5 pounds of pressure on a trigger to end my marriage. This destroyed me. I spent many moments with a gun to my own head trying to find a reason to go on. It has been 25 years and it still hurts.

I gave up my guns when my son was born. I wasn’t going to run the risk of an accident. (wife #2) You think that can’t happen to you? You are far too careful to let that happen.. Sure you are. That’s exactly what the Everett WA cop said when he left a loaded gun in the center console of his minivan. Left the kids for just a minute to run inside and pick something up. When he returned to the van, one of his kids was dead from a gunshot wound to the head and the other kid was the trigger man. He was a COP!! He should have known better than that.

Guns are inherently dangerous. They are designed to kill. They are not designed for target shooting, they are not intended for anything more than killing. If you really feel a need to own a gun, good luck to you. I hope your experience is better than mine.

Gun laws do not work. They just don’t.

When you are facing 15 years for a crime, you don’t really care about the additional 3 years they tack on for a “gun enhancement”. How many times do we see in the news that a crime was committed and the suspect was found with a gun but was a felon prohibited from having a gun? The law says he shouldn’t have a gun so let’s lock him up for 5 years for the gun and call it good.

For gun control to work effectively, there has to be consequences. Here’s my take on gun control

Commit a crime with a gun, automatic 20 year sentence with no possibility of parole.

Get caught illegally possessing a gun with no crime, 10 years

Someone dies because you legally own a gun and are too stupid to have one, you get charged with murder with a gun, 20 years.

This might be a good start for effective gun control. You have the right to own a gun, you don’t have the right to be stupid with a gun.


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