New Phishing Tactic

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to verify your emails. I received an email from “PayPal” explaining that my payment to John Felix had been accepted. The amount was for 301.11 Euro and there was a big “Click here if you did not make this transaction” button.

I took a quick trip out to PayPal using the app on my phone and to my relief, there was no payment made to John Felix.

Had I clicked that button, I’m pretty sure some malware would have been downloaded behind the scenes or they would have asked for some sort of account information.

Please folks, NEVER use the email you receive to verify or challenge anything. Go to your banks known website, call them with the number you know to be good, hit the website directly for PayPal or your credit card company. Email can NEVER be trusted. It is just too easy for others to spoof a valid website and/or email address.

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