While on Twitter, I read about the GDPR laws in the EU. After some careful thought, I decided to post this privacy policy.

My policy is simple, I don’t ever look at the backend database for this blog. If you post something I don’t like (spam really) then I will see your IP address in the message and will block it.

If you register for an account on my blog, great but any information you enter will become visible to me in the admin section of the site.

I am one guy, not a company and because of that, there is nothing I’m going to do with your data other than use it to ensure the safe, friendly environment that is my blog (I may have to use it to ban you from the site). I will not sell it, I will not analyze it, I will not leak it on social media, the dark web or anywhere else.

I know what you are thinking, what if you get hacked??? Well, this blog is a service from Godaddy. If this blog gets hacked, there’s not much I can do about it, go complain to Godaddy. Not to mention, there’s no requirement for you to register or provide any information here. You can leave comments on my posts or not, you can register or not but by posting or registering, you accept the simple fact that you no longer have exclusive ownership of the 1’s and 0’s you placed on a website that I paid for.

This site uses “Gravatar” for avatars. I have not taken the time yet to look at their privacy policy but I personally won’t use a service where I’m not in control of the bits so I have no avatar for that reason. You can visit their site and determine for yourself if you want to share data with them.

I hope this helps clear up the privacy concerns about this website. Also note, this policy applies directly to me as well. I fully understand that each time I post, I have relinquished control of the data to anyone on the planet with a computer and internet access to be used any way they see fit. This is why I don’t post things that I don’t want you seeing!

The last thing I’ll say about privacy on my blog (and much more serious) is that I am an Information Security Professional. I spend a good amount (and get paid well for it) of my time protecting the data that the company I work for owns. This includes HSPII (Highly Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information), CTI (Critical Technical Information) and other sensitive data. I understand data security and because of that, I am much more sensitive to the data I am responsible for. Because of that, I don’t have a Facebook account or other social media accounts (other than Twitter and I don’t have any followers there, I just use it as a news feed)¬†and I will never betray your trust. Again though, don’t post it if you don’t want it known. The search engines do spider the site. I will also never complain if you enter false information when you register because honestly, your data holds no financial value to me so I don’t care where you live or what your actual email addy is. The site might, it may want to confirm your registration but that’s as far as it goes.

~Ron Hagerman