Rainforest Volcanoes Run

I am in my first day of the Rainforest and Volcanos Rally.

The kickoff celebration was a blast, there were Harley’s everywhere. The dealership was also kind enough to provide dinner.

If you need a bike, Lawless Harley Davidson is a good place to get one.

Day Two

Today, it is off to Port Angeles on the peninsula via highway 101 south of Olympia.

So, 6:30 this morning, I get on the bike and run up the street to get gas. I then return to the hotel and I park for a minute when I see a group of riders heading out. I quickly fell in behind them with the idea that there is safety in numbers. I followed them to Aberdeen and as we came up on a light, I noticed a Starbucks right there on the right so I decided I was cold, I was stiff and I was hungry so I pulled in thinking nothing of it.

From the light, I hear a rather loud, “HEY!”. Well, I was in the parking lot so I parked the bike and as I’m standing there removing my helmet, the group I was following pulled in from the back of the lot and they all park. One of the guys comes over to me and makes a comment along the lines of, at least someone was willing to stop. we all went in and got coffee, had good conversation and made introductions. By the time we left, the parking lot was full of Harley’s. I had my pack, my riding companions.

From Aberdeen we hit Forks. The two ladies in the group were very excited to hit the place where Twilight was filmed. In Forks, we hit this roadside bar for lunch called Blakesees Bar and Grill. The food was good but the company was better.

20 miles or so outside of Port Angeles, we had to stop for road repaving so I took it for a photo op of the lake.

We hit the hotel around 2:30 and checked in. Tomorrow, I have an 8am ferry in Port Townsend which is about an hour away so it’ll be an early night for me.

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