Captains Log – April 24th, 2954 SET

First off, what is SET? I hail from the Sol System. Sol’s only habitable plant is SOL-3 locally known as “Earth”. SET is Standard Earth Time. It is much more a nostalgic date/time concept and not widely used in Stanton but I chose to use it for my Captains log.

Today, I took a trip down to Zephyr on Hurston. I went at dusk hoping Niska’s boys wouldn’t be watching. I know they are watching all the main spaceports, Riker, Teasa, etc. but I don’t think they can cover every outpost in the verse.

I picked up a new Coda to augment my weapons rack. You can never have too many guns in a time like this. I also added to my food and beverage supply. I left Orison in such a hurry, I don’t know if I grabbed enough of that.

I’m now parked out in the middle of nowhere. I set a course for one of the jump gates and dropped out of QT and right into the middle of Aaron’s Halo. The bastards will never find me among all these rocks.

I also snapped a selfie at Zephyr for anyone who wants to remember me if I get caught.