Captains Log – April 25th 2954 SET

Today I took a trip to Hurston. I was offered a couple of contracts with Red Wind Delivery. During the first package pickup, I came across a Vulture that must have been hit by a massive wind storm. Its engines, shields and other systems were all online but it was resting upside down on its cabin. I don’t know if the pilot is ok or not but comm’s provided no help. Since UEE law allows for pilots to shoot trespassers on sight, I opted for the higher ground and bugged out once the package was delivered.

Upon arrival at HDMS-Hahn, I flew in to a ship graveyard. There was a Carrack, a Harbinger and a Stalker as well as a couple of ground vehicles all just laying around. The Harbinger was parked on top of some storage crates. I don’t know what happened, but there were no pilots to be found anywhere.

Again, dropped off the final package and got the hell out of there. Total profit today, 9,000 aUEC. Not a bad days work.

Sunrise on Hurston