Captains Log – April 28th, 2954 SET

Took a couple of deliveries today. I was attempting to deliver a package to HDMS-Stanhope on Ita when my navigation system went to hell. I could see Ita in the distance but could not lock onto it for the QT travel. It took some creative navigation on my part but I eventually made the jump. As much as I love Drake, I’d really love a new software update for the nav system more. If I can get enough saved up and if Niska doesn’t find me, maybe I can get a used C1. An extra bed and a little more luxury than what I have in the broken down bus.

I also found a guy just floating in space. He sent out a priority 1 rescue beacon and I took it. By the time I got to him, his suit was low on oxygen. His ship was attacked by pirates but he managed to get out before they boarded him. Between the passenger in space and the delivery mission, I netted 13,600 aUEC today. This well justified the two days I took off reading a book and enjoying the stars.