Captains Log – April 26th, 2954 SET

Today was stressful. I took a research mission and deployed a probe around Ita. Everything was going well, got the probe deployed, as I was preparing to leave the area, alarms started screaming. There was a known hostile nearby. I thought, this is it, Niska finally found me. I thought I was dead for sure. I hit max thrust and to see if it was pursuing me, I targeted the craft only to find it was a MISC Prospector.

I cut my engine thrust and made a targeted jump. The Prospector would have been no match for my upgraded shields and weapons but I also know that sometimes, people get screwed by the government reporting system. This was no pirate, Reaver, or 9-Tails, it was just some poor sap that probably bumped another ship inside an Armistice zone or something so I left.

Today’s haul netted me around 5,500 aUEC. I am slowly working my way up the financial ladder. Maybe some day, I’ll be able to pay off Niska but I certainly won’t hold my breath on that one. Total income over the last week has been 14,335 aUEC.