Money, Transport and Death

I’m down to my last 2000 credits. At this rate, I might as well park this thing somewhere and starve to death. I found myself stealing food and water from an outpost. No shame here, whatever it takes to survive in the verse.

As I was heading to Orison to sell some clothes I found at the outpost, it came across comms. Someone needed a lift from Port Tressler above Microtech to Orison on Crusader. I have nothing better going on and he offered me 20k so I rerouted and headed out to him.

This is dangerous, it is always possible and many times, likely that it is a trap. Someone out to steal my ship, my credits and my life. I hope this goes well!

As we entered our hangar, he mentions a problem he was having so I had to turn around and fly him out of Armistice. When we returned and finally landed for good, I opened the rear ramp and let him out with all the firepower he brought with him. As I mentioned earlier, life in the verse is dangerous. Usually guys with that many guns, not to mention a rocket launcher will sometimes try to save his credits with a bullet to the back of his drivers head.

I mentioned this to him and thanked him for not shooting me. He did the same, he was concerned I might send him for a long nap in cold space. Never mind I was in my street clothes with no armor and just a custom Coda my brother got for me when I left home.

All in all, it was a very good trip and profitable to boot. The agreed fare was 20k and he tipped me an additional 300k so I should be set for a while. It turns out, he commands a Reclaimer which can make upwards of 10 million every time it heads into space so I won’t lose sleep over it.

Thanks for the donation to my bank account DarkkyCrow!