Chapter One – All Alone

I recently graduated from high school and became an adult. Growing up, I’ve always had the best of everything but my father had his own plans for me. I was to marry, have lots of kids and keep the family name and its fortune, going for the next few generations. He went so far as to arrange for me to marry a business associate. Needless to say, he was not pleased when I told him I wanted to sign on with one of those big industrial ships and make a life for myself traveling the stars. We fought, bad. In the end, I found myself cut off from the financial purse strings and left to die on ArcCorp.

My brother was always dad’s favorite but I think he might have pushed his luck this time around. My brother gifted me a small one person ship. A Drake Cutter Rambler. They are old ships and not worth much money really. However, if I can get it running, it is all mine and will provide the true freedom I’ve always wanted. Just me and the stars. With this Ramber, I can buy a multitool and maybe make some money for food, fuel and repairs by hand mining. I hear that Hadonite pays pretty well. Of course, with only $4,000 credits to my name, it might take a while.

I was able to take the train to Area 18 which is the corporate center of ArcCorp. Maybe I can find a job in the factories or find a job aboard a ship that pays a decent check. At the moment, I can’t even afford more than a few nights in a hotel.

I just feel all alone in the galaxy and I still haven’t left the planet.