Zero to Hero


I’ve been playing Star Citizen since 2018. For those not familiar, it is a space sim game that is still in alpha with no planned release date. It is also crowd funded and people willing to support the development can “purchase” ships that are either in game today or planned to be in game eventually.

The game developers are working on the current game universe and all of the game loops which that includes so the game can get a little…. stale. The game devs want us to test changes in game loops or new game loops so they make other game loops not so profitable and they make the stuff they want to test extremely profitable. At the moment, the profit is all in salvage and if you have a large industrial ship like the Reclaimer, you can make millions in just a few hours which if you ask me, makes the game so much less enjoyable.

The devs recently started work on the salvage game loop and that’s why it is so profitable. You can take a Hammerhead illegal mission, fly out to Yela’s asteroid belt and fracture the Hammerhead. Less than 3 minutes of work will net you $250k in in-game money called aUEC. Disintegrate the Hammerhead and you can make over 1 million aUEC for another 5 minutes of work. Suffice it to say, for the first time this game isn’t fun anymore. (but it will be when the next major patch comes out!).

So, I am making an attempt to play a Zero to Hero game loop. I gave all my in-game millions to my alt account leaving me with only 4k aUEC. I removed all of my Cutter Rambler’s systems and I am going to buy them back and I’m only going to use the default white space suit you get after you die and lose what you have.

I will document my adventures here with two hashtags. #StarCitizen and #ZeroToHero